Your Most Important Tool

Picture courtesy of Avani Joy Visone of Witch of the Emerald Wyldwood

What is your Most Important Tool?

I am often asked… what is your most important tool. So, I ask you…

What is the common tool used in all of these spiritual workings?

Energy Healing
Energy Clearing
Spell Work
Casting a Circle
Blessing a House
Herbal Magic

Yep, you guessed it! The Most Important Tool is YOU!

Your state of mind, intentions, and thoughts are truly the most important part of every spiritual working that you want to accomplish.

You can use every herb, oil, and crystal that is meant to help with the specific problem that you are trying to solve, but if you are not using them with the correct intention or frame of mind…

well… then they will not work properly.

So, how do we get ourselves into that proper frame of mind to do work?

Grounding and Centering
Relaxing Music
Cleansing Bath or Shower
Balance is Key
Believe in Yourself!
Be Here, Now!

You Can Do This!

I’ll share more with you each month about how to keep yourself focused, so that you can accomplish the balance that you are seeking.

There are also tons of video on my YouTube Channel to help you as well!

Share your thoughts below.
How do you get yourself into the proper frame of mind to do your work?
Do you need help to do these things?
Let me know!


  1. I use a lot of my oils and stones to meditate and ground myself. Also for protection. I may need some help on how to meditate better .

    1. I will be posting helpful hints here in Chats with Dawna and in the Transformational Healing Tribe Facebook group to help with meditation, grounding, and protection. I’m also working on how to offer the classes that I teach in person, here on the website. <3 Dawna

  2. I typically prefer incense, 1 candle, and music when I sit down to meditate. Thanks to your teachings, I know all I really need is myself!

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