Transformation Cycle Article

Transformation Cycle

What is the Transformation Cycle?  How does it work?

As the New Year has come and gone many of us are contemplating where we are and where we want to be.  Some chose to make New Year’s Resolutions, but many of those can be short lived.

I believe that is because they are not based in reality. That the goal is set so high and there is no action plan in place. 


How we Fail to Transform

For example, say I want to lose weight and eat healthy. I binge eat all the junk food in the world on December 31st to get it all out of the house.

Starting January 1st, I go crazy and extreme and only eat vegetables and what I think are healthy foods.

I weigh myself every day. It is day 5 and I’ve gained 2 pounds… I’m not thinking about the fact that I’ve had no time to exercise? 

Wait, I need to exercise and eat healthy? 

I’m still not in balance. I’m still not eating junk, but I didn’t research to see what I really needed for my personal balance and how to transition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle and not just go on this fad diet that I found. 

I might last a few more  weeks… but I will give up and just go back to eating junk all of the time. 

I feel like a failure and binge eat a bunch of candy and chips.

Then the cycle just spins downward….


So, how do we make our dreams a reality?

We need to make a plan! 

Set realistic short term Goals that build on each other.  Give those short term goals deadlines that are also realistic and that you can stick to.

Take Action on those steps. Always be open to moving with change.

Changes will happen. This is a given part of life. It is how you deal with those changes and readjust that determines your success.

Think of all things in balance!

Visualize the Transformation Cycle

Don't Lose Hope of Your Dreams!

Yes, wishes can come true.

Yes, we can use things to help us put power into those wishes.

Yes, it is possible to achieve your goals and dreams.

Yes, magic is real!

It is time for Action!

Magic happens because we put the work into our dreams. 

The spiritual tools that we use are to help us to focus on that goal, that next step.  

These objects don’t do the work for us. 

They are the physical reminder to draw our thoughts and actions to that goal that we set.


Start your Transformation Now!

So, what are your dreams for 2023?

What is your plan?  

Are you ready to turn that dream into a reality?

What things do you need to help you achieve that reality?

How can I help you to Transform?


Let me know!