Time to Clean House

It’s Time to Clean House!

Every day is a good day to clean house!
What do I really mean by that though?

I mean that if we spiritual clean our house as we are physically cleaning our house, we are doing a little bit of it every day.  If you, like most of us, have to balance your work, home, and spiritual life, you are always seeking ways to accomplish your tasks quickly and efficiently. In order to clean physically and clear spiritually at the same time… all you need is a little bit of intention.

The magical herbs and spiritual products that we all use for energy cleansing are tools that help us to focus this intention. You may have heard me say that there are as many ways to cleanse a house, break a hex, clear your aura, or set up protective wards as there are spiritual paths in our huge world. This is very true, but all of these ways always have a common thread. That common thread is INTENTION.

If you are clear with your intention and have chosen tools that you are comfortable, then you will be successful in your endeavor. This is true for all workings and spiritual paths.

Whenever people ask what is the best way to do x, y, or z; my first question is to ask them to tell me about their spiritual path. This is so that my recommendations will fit in with their beliefs and feel comfortable to them.  The products that I offer come from many different paths. I do this, so that I can help you in a way that will work for you. 

Combining House Cleaning & House Clearing

If you do everything with intention, then spiritually clearing the energy of your house while cleaning will be very easy.  I add energy clearing and protection intentions into every cleaning product that I make. You should always boost these with your own intentions though.  If you are not using the products that I create to clean your house, then make your own.  Just grab your tools, add them with your intention, and off you go!  Here are a few examples.

  • Add Anil ~ Blue Powder and / or Florida Water along with your normal cleanser to the washing water. Use this to wash walls, counters, floors, appliances, doors, sinks, etc. As you physically clean, know that you are energetically cleaning too.
  • Make your orange or lemon scented vinegar cleaning spray with the intention of not only cleaning and killing off bacteria, but also filling your house with sunshine and joy as it is used. This spray also works great for cleaning windows. Perhaps you have the intention of only positive energy may enter this house as you clean your windows. This is a form of protection magick.
  • Sprinkle High John Floor Sweep on your floors before you sweep them clean. This gathers all the negative energy in the room and you sweep it right out the door.
  • Sprinkle a natural rug deodorizer on your carpets before you vacuum. Intention: clear out negative energy and bring sweetness into your home.
  • Add the intention of protection to the clothes that you wear by adding intention when you use your Flannel Dryer Sheets. Use essential oils for protection in your vinegar mix. Then when you toss the dryer sheet in with your clothes, keep that protection intention in mind. As you put your clothes on, keep that protection intention in mind too. 


How to Spiritually Clean House
& Keep it that Way

A little more insight as I share my experience with you.

Let’s talk about how you can spiritually clean house and clear out negative energy from your home.
This is a quick overview of how to spiritually maintain positive energy in your home, providing a calm and serene living space that will help you to manifest your dreams and raise your vibe.
A clean house is a happy house! Let’s get your living space clear and clean today!

Are you seeing a theme here?  There are so many other ways to accomplish both tasks at once. Comment below with ideas that you have used or ones that are popping into your head.  How are you going to use this information to help you transform the way you think about cleaning?

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