The Power of Your Thoughts

You are what you think! 

So… Who or what do you want to be? 

Many people downplay the idea of positive thought and its effects on health. Although I do not believe that we should rely on thoughts and prayers completely when it comes to healing, I do believe that our beliefs can and do affect our ability to heal.

How I view the Power of Thought

My own experiences of working with clients using spiritual healing practices, such as Reiki, Intuitive Healing, or Shamanic Techniques, has shown me that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are very much entwined. Our physical body’s health is in sync with our mental / emotional and spiritual well-being. With my ability to feel and see energy move in and around the human body, it has become obvious to me that our thoughts and beliefs affect all our energies.

My goal, as a healer, is to help my clients to heal themselves. This includes helping you to understand how your thoughts are connected to your health and well-being. Every product that I make, or herb that I repackage, is done with intention and love. 

I strongly believe that even my little bit of love, that I add as I package an herb to send off to you, will help give you a tiny boost. Your reviews and personal messages tell me that I have success with that intention. In my personal life, I try to do everything with intention.  Check out my article Time to Clean House for an example of my personal physical and spiritual cleaning routine and how you can use that to change your own life to the one that you want. 

My Personal Observations

Continued mental abuse can cause energetic trauma, which may manifest as a physical illness.  Did you know that negative self-esteem and self-talk are also types of mental abuse?

I have witnessed depression turn into serious illness. This illness leads to further withdrawal, and a deeper depression. In some individuals, this cycle continues to the point that the downward spiral is so steep that the client does not know who they are anymore. The illness has become their identity.

I have observed people with a serious prognosis, completely change their way of life and thoughts, and subsequently go into remission. The power of belief is that which causes what we call miracles.

I have seen those that experience something bad and blame it on everyone else but themselves. They will not acknowledge the need to grow and change. When you cannot accept the fact that these tragic events are a huge opportunity for transformation or you constantly send out hate towards others; it will destroy your well being and tear you up inside.

Others believe that they are cursed, while continuing to call bad energies to themselves, because they cannot release that belief. Whether or not they were cursed to begin with, their strong belief and fear of the curse, is what continually calls negative energies to come to them. Imagine if these individuals released such beliefs and called positive energies into their life instead. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto, from Japan, was also interested in the power of thought. He developed a way to research the affects that thoughts, words, and music have on water. He wrote two books, Message from Water and Hidden Messages in Water, in which he shared his discovery that water forms different geometric shapes in reaction to the thoughts and intent that are focused upon it. Look at the beauty of the positive thoughts and the broken and distorted patterns of the negative thoughts. Although Dr. Emoto has passed away, his work is being continued bye his team, and information can be found on his website

You are Water!

According to , the human body is made up of approximately 60% water. Connecting my own observations; studies from others who have written on the connections concerning the body, mind and spirit; Dr. Emoto’s work; and how much water is in our bodies…

Do you doubt that our thoughts have the ability to affect our health? 

Personally, I use western medicine when necessary. I take herbal supplements and vitamins to promote immune boosting. I have given my children many vaccines. These are all wonderful, and often necessary, things to use to promote healthy living.

But… YES, I believe that the power of thought does have the ability to help one to heal, and become a whole, balanced person. 

I highly suggest that you incorporate them both into your life, so that you can achieve the balance that you desire.

How do you see the connection between body, mind, and spirit?

In your experience, do your thoughts affect your health?

How can I help you to come back to balance?

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