The Power of Lightning Struck Wood

The Power of
Lightning Struck Wood

A piece of wood that has been struck by lightning is believed to be the most powerful talisman available. The lightning struck tree is empowered by Divine Forces and provides Protection against ALL Harm.

How do I find Lightning Struck Wood?

I have a connection thunder storms and to Thunderbird. This connection is part of who I am and my path as a catalyst to help others to find their way. My elder has even named me as such. He refers to me in Dakota as Wakinyan Wi luta or Red headed Thunderbird Woman.  He says that I carry great change with me. I feel that is a correct assessment, as I am often the person that triggers others to find their own true path. Perhaps I have even helped you on yours.

The trees that I have gathered wood from were struck while I was close enough to find the tree after the storm had past.  The White Oak was struck many years ago and was calling to be spread out into the world. I also have bark, wood, and chips from a Black Cherry that was struck last year during our Women’s Gathering and a friend has sent me some precious Red Wood, gathered with permission from private land in CA. 

I honor the spirit of the tree by leaving offerings, thanking it for its life, and asking it if it would like to share its new energy with others. There have been trees that have said no.  That is always respected. Others, like the Oak that is available in the shop, are very excited to help others all over the world.

Yes, I speak as if the trees have a voice and life… to me, they do. All things; plants, animals, birds, bodies of water, the woods, etc.; have a spirit, a voice, a life… if we just take the time to listen. They have many things to teach us. Become still enough to listen and they may help you along your path. This is part of being in balance with nature.

Spiritual & Metaphysical Uses for Lightning Struck Wood

  • Carry a small piece or a bag of chips in your pocket as a luck talisman or for protection.
  • Add Lightning Struck Wood to your mojo bags, gris gris bags, or spell bags.
  • Add it to your offering herbs, to acknowledge the divine forces that you wish to connect with.
  • Add it to your spells. It will boost the intention and power of your workings.
  • Create a lightning struck wood necklace to wear for protection from negative energy.
  • Make a wand for powerful workings. This could be a solid piece, or fill the hollow of a copper tube with small chips and dust from a lightning struck tree.
  • I do not suggest you burn it… unless it is absolutely necessary to achieve your desires or the piece tells you that you must.

Hopefully this article has not only helped you to understand ways that you can use lightning struck wood, but also helped you to understand that it is important to connect with the items that we use in our magical workings. I believe that I have also given you some insight into who I am and how I connect with nature and the spiritual products that I offer. 


As always, please feel free to share this article with others, ask questions or post comments below.  How have you used Lightning Struck Wood? Do you also have a connection to the storms? Let me know!


  1. Many years ago I beaded a pipestem and created a soapstone bowl for a personal perhaps someday a ceremonial pipe. The pipe called for a lightning motif on the bowl and stem. I wasn’t able to use it as the pipe would not let me until now. I anticipate an activating ceremony in the near future and feel called to use wood that has been struck by lightning in the ritual. Additionally I will need a tamp for the pipe and want this type of wood for that as well. I will likely purchase wood from you. Please provide me with any suggestions as to how you might think I would proceed.

    Dr William Schroeder

    1. I have a piece of wood that has been hit by lightning and the tree was blown apart from the center no fire was caused I found it on top of a hill when I was hiking I now have this magical piece of wood wood I would like to send pictures and get an idea of just how much something like this is worth to me it’s worth a lot more than money I feel the power from this wood

  2. Peace be unto you.
    I am Jim, a maker of wood crafts. I believe in the power of lightning. I have a limited supply of Live Oak wood in South Texas that was struck by lightning in March of 2019.

    I would like to send you a gift made of this extremely rare wood. Please write to me at the email I provided with you name and mailing address. I would be honored If you would be willing to speak with me by phone.

    I speak peace to you in the name of my God, Jehovah, the God of Abraham.


    1. Thank you for your beautiful gift, Jim. <3 I absolutely love the creations that you have made with this wood that was gifted to your care.

    1. If you are just burning the wood to burn the wood… nothing. If you are using the wood with intention, then it will help to manifest that intention.

  3. I have a black cherry tree 10-ft round at the base 50 ft high has been struck by lightning what shall I do with it?
    Live in Castalian Springs Tennessee.

    1. You can enhance the crystals with them. That is often done by adding the lightning struck wood to a spell bag / mojo bag or a crystal grid. Did you know that there is also lightning struck quartz. We sell it in our Crystal Shop – Crystal Cave Rocks on Etsy.

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