Sun Water Spell

Sun Water

With Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, approaching we thought today would be a good day to learn about Sun Water.

Are you interested in cleansing and charging your tools, cleansing your space, giving a boost to spells, rituals, or your own confidence?  ☀️   If so, this is definitely something you should check out! 


Why Make Solar Water

Similar in concept to creating Moon Water, Sun Water is imbued with the energy of the sun. Around Lughnasadh, that means the Celtic God Lugh imbues it with the energies of protection and prosperity. 

You can use this spiritual water to charge your crystals and tools, create prosperity and joy sprays, add to your ritual baths, or to brew energy boosting herbal teas like our Citrus Morning Tea Blend. 

Use it to water your plants in the winter time and give them an extra solar boost.  Solar Water would be great to use for your Rose of Jericho Flower!


Rose Petal Sun Water

Lughnasadh Herbs to consider

Debating on whether or not to add herbs to your spiritual water? If they will help to boost or focus your intention – Go For It!

Check out our article Herbs and Oils for Lughnasadh. It includes a large list for you to choose from. 


Sun Water


  • Gold or glass bowl or vessel
  • Glass jar 
  • Water
  • Herbs, Flowers, Etc. (Optional)



  1. Ground and Center your energy and focus on your intention.
  2. Cleanse and Create a sacred space where you are going to set your spell. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Choose a place where the sunlight will touch your bowl all day long.
  3. Place your bowl or vessel outside or in a southern facing window sill to catch the sun all day. 
  4. If you are infusing your water with any herbs or spiritual ingredients, place those in the bowl with intention.
  5. Fill your bowl with water. If you have pets or young children make sure you choose an inaccessible location.
  6. Leave the bowl out to charge for a full day. Bring it in before sundown or before the moon light touches the water.
  7. Transfer the water to your glass storage jar. 
  8. You can strain out any herbs or leave them in the water if you wish.
  9. Be sure to label your jar!


✨ Note: Store your jar wrapped up in a cloth or placed in a bag. Only open it when the sun is out. This allows the energy to last longer.

🎨 Happy Spell Crafting Tribe!