Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction Ideas

In times of stress, it is sometimes hard to remember to do the basic things to take care of our own mental and emotional health.

This is a gentle reminder to be aware of several things that can help you to release that stress and come back to a state of balance and relaxation.

We are all in a different place and that place changes daily, if not hourly.  There is no judgement on where you are at.

The goal is for you to find a balance for you.

Stop & Breathe – This is vital! Stop everything that you are doing. Close your eyes. Take a nice deep breath. Fill yourself with light energy. Slowly exhale and let all of your stress flow out through your feet and back to the ground.  Sometimes it may only take one breath… sometimes it may take several.  But remember to just stop and breathe many times a day.

Meditate – Take time each day to sit and be quiet. Allow your thoughts to come to your attention. Allow yourself to feel your body. Do you need to stretch out tight muscles? Do you need to breathe and just be with your thoughts for a while?  Would you rather drift off with some relaxing music or a mantra?  Allow yourself to feel connected to the earth and connected to source. Take a few minutes to Just Be. Balance is Key.

Soak in the Sun – Lift your face to the sun. Feel it warming you and filling you with light. Breathe in the fresh air that surrounds you. Feel connected!

Garden – Touch the Earth – Allow yourself to ground and connect to the Earth. Weed your garden physically as you mentally weed your emotional and mental garden. Let go of those things that no longer serve you. It is amazing what can happen when you have your hands in the dirt.  Remember to breathe deeply and connect!

Yoga & Stretching – Activities like yoga, stretching, and tai chi allow you to become aware of your body and where you are holding your tension and stress.  As you relax into the motions, you release that tension. The stress can melt away with each breath.  Remember to Just Be, Breathe, and focus on how the movements make you feel.

Walk in Nature – Taking a walk in nature can help you to relax, connect, breathe, and let go of stress.  Surround yourself with those things that make you feel safe and relaxed.  The exercise is good for you. Remember to stop and hug a tree!  If you can’t go to the woods… maybe you can bring the woods to you!  Walk in the Woods Essential Oil Blend

Limit Social Media and the News – When social media starts to stress you out, get up and walk away.  Use timers to watch the news / scroll on Facebook, so that you don’t get sucked into the rabbit hole.  A timer will allow you a certain amount of time, but remind you to stop and go do something else that will help you to take care of you.

Enjoy Music – Listen to music to relax, dance, be creative, get moving, focus on your exciting new projects, and get work done!  There is a song to help you do everything that you need or want to achieve. That music is different for each person. Turn off the TV and turn up the music!

Read a Book – Go get lost in another world, study and learn something new, or read out loud to your children. Try a real book and not an e-book if you can.

Take a Bath – Aaaah the joy of a hot shower or a nice warmth relaxing bath.  Even in a shower, you can breathe, relax, and watch all the negativity wash down the drain. The warmth also helps your muscles to relax and tension to wash away.

Take a Nap – Do you need rest? Listen to your body… maybe it does really need a break.  Be aware of too much sleeping though. Try to make sure that you are getting some sun and exercise if at all possible to stave off depression.

Drink a Cup of Tea – There are so many relaxing tea blends available. Even just a simple black tea can help you to relax and wind down.

Connect to your Ancestors – An ancestor altar and honoring my ancestors is really important to me. I spend time each day connecting with them and opening my heart to “know” / “hear” their messages. I feel that this practice helps to keep me on my path. Maybe this can also help you.

Set up a routine – Create a ritual or routine for your day. This will help you feel balanced. It will also help to keep you on a good sleep schedule. Sleep is very important to stress reduction. More about this in a few days.

Take your Supplements and Medications – Remembering to take your daily medications and supplements that help you to keep your body in balance is vital.  Falling out of balance physically can cause even more stress for you mentally and emotionally…. The same way that being stressed out and full of stress hormones can lower your immunity and make your more susceptible to physical illness.

Comment your ideas below!

What are you doing to stay in balance and reduce your stress?  I really want to know. Your ideas may help others in ways that you can’t even imagine!  Help out your Tribe!

Also remember to share this with anyone who you think needs this reminder right now!


  1. Creative projecta are great for de-stressing. Journaling, creative writing, drawing, crafting, etc. Creating something gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps you relax and have an oitlet for your emotions. I also play video games to help me relax and get away from my problems and stresses.

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