Sachet for Balance - DIY Spell Bag for Inner Peace

Sachet for Balance

This time of year many of us are focused on improving our health and wellness; we are looking for ways to balance our work obligations with the needs of our souls. 


This often feels so complicated and so overwhelming that far too many of us give up on it as simply being an impossible dream.


While getting new and different routines in place can take trial, error, and time – it is Possible! You can find a balance that will fill your soul with peace. 

This week’s DIY is a quick little craft to help keep you inspired and filled with the confidence that you CAN create a healthy balanced life – it also makes an excellent gift for friends and family members who are also struggling.


Happy Crafting Tribe!


*** Creating your Balance Sachet ***

As with all of our DIY’s, focus on your intention, be mindful and turn your craft into spell craft.

Ingredients to gather

        • Essential oils – cedar, bergamot, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage, sweet orange, etc. You can use 1 or use a blend.
        • 1 cup of uncooked rice 
        • Your choice of Dried Herbs – lavender, gotu kola, hops flowers, red clover, wild yam root, etc.
        • Your choice of Crystals – clear quartz, guava quartz, iolite, lepidolite, spinel, etc.
        • Empty bags – muslin or organza
        • Mixing bowl and spoon – stainless steel, glass, or ceramic


  1. Gather your tools and materials into your chosen work space.
  2. Cast and set your circle (optional).
  3. Take a moment to focus your mind on your intention to bring balance into your life.
  4. Pour the rice into the bowl.
  5. Add about 10 drops of essential oil to start.
  6. Stir well. Give it a sniff from about a foot away. If it’s not strong enough, add more scent; if it’s too strong, add a little rice.
  7. Once you’ve found the perfect scent balance you can add a sprinkling of dried herbs to the rice and then stir again.
  8. Use a metal spoon to scoop the scented rice into the muslin bag.
  9. Place your chosen crystals into the bag.
  10. Pull the strings and knot it three times to make sure it stays closed. With each knot you tie, visualize what a balanced life looks like to you and complete each knot with “So Mote It Be” (or a similar affirmation) before continuing to the next knot. 
  11. Let the sight and scent of this satchel remind you to check in with yourself and bring yourself back into balance.

Watch me make a Sachet ~ Spell Bag

Learn how to create a spell bag for inner peace, that can double as a sachet for balance. 

Creating spell bags can be simple and easy. 

It’s time to add a little magic to your life!

You can watch me do it right here!