Russian Lemurian Story and Lore

Russian Lemurian Story and Lore

What is the Russian Lemurian Story?

Where do these wonderful quartz crystals come from?

How were they found, what is their lore, and how can we use them to help us get back to balance?

Below is the Story and Lore of Russian Lemurian Quartz from the founder herself.

I share this with you to spread the knowledge and joy of these crystals, so that they may help you, as they have helped me to remember to be filled with LOVE!

The following is used with permission of Catherine Cracolice

Russian Lemurian Master Teacher Quartz Point
Master Teacher ~ Sacred Scribe
Russian Lemurian Record Keeper
Record Keepers

Russian Lemurian ™ Quartz / Sacred Scribe
By Catherine Cracolice

The ancient Lemurians, who were they, who were they, what were they like, what is their legacy? These are the questions that many of us ask. What meaning do the Lemurians have in our lives now?

Recently we have been blessed with the key that will unlock the doors to these questions. On September 12, 2001, the day after, a new mineral came into our possession. These new minerals, it turns out, are Lemurians found in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

We know from the teachings that the Lemurians seeded crystals throughout our planet. These are the newest to be discovered. It is no coincidence that these crystals came to light on September 12. We know there is much global unrest, and we know that we, as light workers, have been called upon to help.

The Russian Lemurians are our tools. In the past we have dealt with aggression with counter aggression. In the past we have fought fire with fire. In these new times, this can no longer be the way. If things are to change for the better, then we must change ourselves.

It is now time to walk The Path of The Heart. All things must be done through love; the Russian Lemurians will help us to attain this goal.

There is a folk tale in Russia about the goddess of the Ural Mountains. She is the protector of the mountains, and of those who work there. Until this day, the miners still make offerings to her. In working with these crystals, we have discovered that the Goddess of the Urals resides in each and every piece. She is available to everyone who is in possession of one of these crystals, to teach to love and to honor.

When we work with these crystals, we can see them turn a faint color blue, which tells us the Goddess is working with us. One thing that is unique about these crystals is that each is connected to the other. As they are finding their homes throughout the world, we have come to recognize that they are laying their own grid lines connecting one to the other, sending their message of love and peace throughout the world.

It is important not to confuse these crystals with Russian quartz that has been available in the past. While the Old Russian quartz is some of the most impeccable and energetically magnificent quartz available, they are not Lemurians, and they do not have the same information.

Some believe that Russian quartz is the oldest quartz in the world. It is for this reason, and because the crystals themselves have told us, that we believe these are the original seed crystals programmed by the Ancients.

These are the Russian Lemurians, the keepers of all knowledge, past, present, future, this reality, other realities, all knowledge. These crystals are the Master Teachers. They have been gifted to us to teach us. They have been gifted to teach other crystals as well. Many of us who walk the path are always looking for a teacher who can take us to the next level and beyond. We now have this most precious gift that can fulfill this desire.

What is it that you want to know? What is it you want to become? What is it that you can do to help?

 The sacred scribes can answer these questions for you. Many of you are familiar with record keepers (glyphs), the raised triangles that appear on the surface of quartz. The Russian Lemurians have more record keepers then we have ever seen; the faces are literally covered in them, sometimes one on top of the other in layers. One can only imagine the information that is waiting to be unfolded.

This quartz has the etched striations on the side, as does the Lemurians that were found in Brazil. These striations are also sources of information and help to activate the crystal. Upon activation we can see the quartz grow and change before our eyes. They can become clearer, they can grow record keepers and many, many times, we have seen rainbows appear. The change is almost immediate. What a miracle it is to have such validation available to us.

When the goddess of the Urals is called forth in a formal manner, many times she will reveal herself in a blue rainbow. It is the goddess’ gift to us that these changes occur. It is her way of saying that she is now with us. How grateful we are that the Lemurians left these crystals in her care. What else can we ask for? What more could we possibly need?

These crystals are the legacy left to us by the ancient Lemurians. Because they came to this planet with the highest spiritual intention, and because they had the gift of precognition, they knew there would come a time when we, humankind, would need their help. For this, we can only thank them and use the treasures that have been bestowed upon us.


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