Rose of Jericho Blooming

Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho
Resurrection Plant

Are you looking for a way to bring good energy into your home?  Check out the uses of Rose of Jericho Flowers.

The Resurrection Plant, AKA Jericho Flower is believed to absorb the negative energy of a space, transform it, and send out positive energy into your space.

There are actually two plants called Rose of Jericho. The original, Anastatica hierochuntica, is found in Southwest Asia and Northern Africa. It can stay alive for many years, but its roots must remain in the soil. It will blossom whenever it is watered. 

The second plant, Selaginella lepidophylla, is often called false Rose of Jericho Flower. This is the one that I sell in the shop. It is unique because it still lives when its roots are not in soil.

This dried up little tumbleweed comes from the desert of the SE United States and Mexico. It can live dormant, even in a paper bag, for years and bloom over and over again.


Spiritual Uses of Rose of Jericho

Many people will add other items to the water bowl with the Jericho Flower to bring in various energies.  The most common is to add gold glitter, coins, green gems, and Florida water to bring in prosperity, abundance, and to manifest money.

Some will set up an altar to do their magical workings. They add 5 coins to the water, anoint their candles, and set very specific intentions. Other uses are for love magick, self-transformation workings, to honor Shango, or a ritual in the remembrance of Christ.

The water from the Jericho Flower is believed to be very powerful. I know several people who use the water from the Jericho Flower bowl to create their holy water, to bless and cleanse their homes, and welcome prosperity.

Others use this water to add to various manifestation spells, bless the front door to keep out negative energy, or bless themselves upon entering the space.

The broken leaves and dust from the Jericho are often used in Mojo bags, spells, and incense.

Oil of Jericho is a wonderful anointing oil that is used for blessings and prosperity. I started brewing some today with the full moon eclipse.


How to care for your Jericho Flower

There are two ways that are commonly used to bloom your flower. 

I have a very large, glass display bowl. I fill the bowl with water and allow the flower to float on the water, roots down. Typically, I add a little bit of Florida water to the regular water. The flower blossoms and floats in the bowl.

We change the water once a week, rinse the plant off, and wipe the bowl clean, but do not use any soap, and fill the bowl back up. If the plant starts to get a little bit slimy, we give it a break. Let it dry out for a week or so and then it is ready to bloom again.

Some use a smaller bowl and just the roots of the plant are in the water. They add new water as needed.

You can allow your plant to dry up at any time. It can stay dormant for years!  True to its namesake, place it in water and it will resurrect again!

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