Ritual for Letting Go

Ritual for Letting Go

Are you feeling stuck and held back?  Are you holding onto things that no longer serve you?  It’s time to do a Ritual for Letting Go!

This week’s DIY is a ceremony designed to help you release negative energies from your life. This ritual will enable you to move forward on your journey unencumbered and help you to welcome new positive energies into your life.

Allow this Letting Go Ritual fill you with the understanding that Love is always more powerful than fear, and that compassion has the power to free you of resentment.


Let It Go!

Preparing to Let Go

We have many resources available both here in our blog and over on our YouTube channel.  Here are a few that might help you to prepare to do this ceremony.

Do you need some help with Grounding and Centering?

Check out this article and video.

Trying to figure out how to word your intention?

Check out this video.

Whatever you do…

Do Not get stuck in your head! 

Listen to your heart and don’t worry about things being perfect.  Perfect is the enemy of done. 

So, just do it!


Ritual for Letting Go


  • Paper: regular or flash paper (You can also choose a Bay Leaf)
  • Writing Utensil
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A flame friendly container, cauldron, metal or glass bowl, fireplace, or fire pit



  1. Choose, set up, and cleanse a fire safe space in which to perform your ritual. Be free of distractions and interruptions. Make sure that there is plenty of space and ventilation.
  2. Set a circle or create sacred space.
  3. Take time to ground and center yourself, clearing your mind to focus on your intention.
  4. Once you feel grounded and focused, take your piece of paper and write down what you intend to release. Remember that the more focused your intention, the more powerful your spell will be.
  5. When you feel ready, carefully light your paper on fire and place it into your fire safe receptacle.
  6. As the paper burns out, breathe out a deep cleansing breath and feel yourself free of any lingering attachment within your mind or body.
  7. Allow what you have released be forever gone from your spirit and cease to trouble you. Feel refreshed, relieved, and renewed. Be mindful that love is always more powerful than fear. Be Free!
  8. After you have completed your ritual and closed your circle.
  9. Allow the ashes to cool. Dispose of them back to the earth by mixing them in with the dirt of your garden or spreading them in a nice way.  Consider nature and others when disposing.
  10. Remember to let yourself move forward on a clear and positive path. 

✨ Note: A burning ceremony can be performed alone or with loved ones. The more personal flourishes you add, the more powerful the results of the ceremony will be.

Many Blessings Tribe!  You Got This!