Prosperity Bowl Spell

Prosperity Bowl Spell

Are you ready to manifest your desires? A simple ritual to help you attract and manifest abundance into your life and your home is a Prosperity Bowl Spell.


What is Prosperity Really?

Does prosperity mean money and a life filled with abundance?  Perhaps, it means that you are happy and that you are surrounded by love and that you have the things that you need in your life.

The next time that you work on a manifestation spell, create a prosperity bowl, or an abundance pouch to carry on your person, truly think about your intention.

Focus on that intention

Be mindful of how your wishes and desires are affecting others around you too.  Are you doing things for the good of others or simply for the good of yourself?

Remember that when you work for the good of all… it is much easier to know and trust that those results will always take care of you as well.


Manifestation works fast with a Service to Others Mindset!

Abundance Mindset

The Abundance Mindset

It is time to switch from a mindset of never having enough and always wanting, into one of abundance.

Part of the Law of Attraction is that you attract what you believe…

So, if you believe that you are wanting… you will always be wanting.


Set your Intention Right

Phrase your intentions as if you already have what it is you are seeking.

“I am surrounded by abundance, family, and love!”


“I will win the lottery”  Remember that “will” is always in the future… meaning you “will” always be looking for it in the future and never having it.


Just something to think about!  


Gratitude also plays a huge role!  Be grateful for the things that you have. Be grateful for the bounty that surrounds you!  The more you see all the wonderful things that surround you and are grateful for them… the more things that will come your way!


More on Prosperity and Manifestation?

Check out our “Manifestation Magic” Article for more details on this subject.  You might also like “The Power of Your Thoughts”.


Prosperity Bowl DIY

Prosperity Bowl Spell


  • An Offering Bowl that will stay in your altar space
  • A non flammable plate, cauldron, or bowl
  • Incense or Smudge Bundle
  • A small chime candle – green, gold, silver, or white tea light
  • Crystals (Ex: Citrine, Malachite, Quartz, Bloodstone, Green Aventurine, Pyrite)
  • Herbs (Ex: Patchouli, High John Root, Jasmine Flowers, Mistletoe, Jezebel Root)
  • Loose Change
  • Bay Leaf and writing utensil
  • Optional: Money Rice or Coarse Sea Salt



  1. Set yourself, and all of your supplies, up in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Set your sacred space, if you wish, and set your intention in your mind.
  3. Cleanse yourself, your space, and your Offering Bowl with the incense or smudge.
  4. One at a time, starting with the Money Rice / Sea Salt if you choose to use them, add your chosen items to the bowl, holding each and filling them with your intentions.
  5. Place your chosen candle in the center of the bowl.
  6. Be aware of fire safety for your items in the bowl and light your candle with your intention in mind.
  7. Write your intention on the bay leaf and set it on fire releasing it into the universe with the smoke. Once lit, place the flaming leaf into your non-flammable plate, cauldron, or bowl.
  8. When your candle has burned itself out, place the bowl on your altar space, and let it do its job. 
  9. Remember to reflect on your intentions when you look at the bowl – consider “feeding” it coins occasionally when I have loose change so that the energy doesn’t go stagnant.
  10. As with any spell, it won’t work unless you do. Be Mindful of the opportunities the universe sends your way after you complete this spell. Take the necessary steps toward your goal and trust the spell is already working. 
  11. Once your intention has become a reality, take the spell bowl apart. You can create a new bowl with a new intention at any time.  You can phrase your intention to keep the bowl going perpetually as well. 

✨ If you have pets or small children be sure to place the bowl where they won’t be able to reach it.

✨  Remember that spells might take time to manifest.  Have faith and trust that you will have what you need at the right time and place.  Keep your eyes open for those opportunities!


Watch Me Create a Prosperity Spell Pouch

Free Prosperity & Manifestation PDF

Need more information about how to choose the items to go in your prosperity spell?

Grab your FREE PDF Now! It includes many of the Herbs, Oils, Crystals, and Spiritual Supplies that are used for Manifestation.

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 🎨 Happy Crafting Tribe!