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Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray


For a Restful Night’s Sleep!



You deserve a restful night’s sleep!

Our Sweet Dreams Spray is a wonderful aromatherapy blend designed as an Insomnia Aid, to bring Calming Relaxation, Sleep Support, and Nightmare Free, Sweet Dreams. 

Sweet Dreams Blend may also assist with journey work, spiritual meditation, creating peace, and relieving anxiety.

You can apply it with intention around your energy body, spray around the room, or a small dose on your pillow before bedtime.

Available in both 1 oz and 4 oz spray bottles and also found in several of our gift sets and in our aromatherapy oil blends too!


Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray:

The base of this aromatherapy mist is Distilled Water.

The 100% Pure Essential Oils used are Mandarin, Chamomile, Vetiver, Jasmine, and Sandalwood

Other: Kunzite Crystal, Valerian Root, Intention of calming restful sleep and Love



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