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Spiritual House Clearing Collection


Cleansing and Protection Kit


Spiritual House Clearing Collection

Our Spiritual House Clearing Collection is perfect for travel or just the right amount to get the job done right.  The supplies in this kit are commonly used in HooDoo, VooDoo, Santeria, Regla de Ocha, and other magical paths to Repel Evil, Ritual Protection, and Ritual House Clearing. The collection comes in an easy traveling muslin bag.


Our Spiritual House Clearing Kit includes:

  • Florida Water (Murray and Lanman) – 2 fl. oz. or 7.5 oz
  • Anil Bluestone Powder – 0.5 oz
  • Vesta Powder – 0.5 oz.
  • Black Salt – 1 oz.
  • Sea Salt ~ Coarse – 2 oz.
  • Cascarilla ~ Egg Shell Ritual Powder – 1 cake
  • Muslin Carrying Bag


Spiritual Cleansing Ingredients

You can find each of these items separately in our shop to create your own house cleansing kit.


Florida Water is used for Cleansing, Clearing, Stimulating, Blessing, and Protection Spells.  It is also used in Ritual Bathing or to Repel Evil.

Anil Bluestone Powder, also known as Lucky Blue Balls, Blue Squares, or Bluestone. Anil is a popular addition to rituals and magic. It is often used in HooDoo and Voodoo for cleansing and good luck.

Vesta Ritual Powder is used to honor Vesta, the Goddess of the hearth, the sacred fire, and maternity. Use it to honor her, and help drive away evil spirits, energy, and intention.

Black Salt is a powerful ritual component used in removing jinxes and in keeping away evil forces or bad neighbors. 

Coarse Ritual Sea Salt is used for Cleansing, Purification, Consecration, Grounding, Ritual, Protection, Blessing, Ritual Baths, and is great for Cleansing Crystals.

Cascarilla ~ Ritual Egg Shell Powder represents Life and Birth. It is commonly used to create spells of protection. Cascara or Cascarilla is a great addition to your ritual crafts. It is sometimes called Peace Powder.


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