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Sage Spray Liquid Smudge


Sage Cleanse Mist

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Sage Spray Liquid Smudge

Are you looking for a way to smudge your space without all the smoke?  Check out our Sage Spray Liquid Smudge!  It was created for my college students.

Our Sage Cleanse Spray is specially designed to not only break up negative energy, but ground it out, protect the space, and fill it back up with great feeling energy – and all that with just a swift spritz.

  • Intentionally spray around your own energy field (aura) to give yourself a boost and a quick cleanse.
  • This Sage Spray works great on spaces, from small rooms to the whole house.  
  • It is not overpowering, our spray simply offers a fresh, gentle scent with a hint of lavender and myrrh.  


A little bit will go a long way!

The Sage Cleanse Spray is definitely one of the best sellers and is made fresh several times a month.

This Sage Cleanse Mist is commonly used for:

  • Ritual Cleansing
  • Before Journey Work or Meditation
  • As a linen spray for Dream Work
  • Cleansing, Clearing,  and Protecting yourself or your space
  • Instant Grounding Centering of your energy
  • Assists to Align your Chakras
  • Helps to Align you to your purpose.


Spiritual Cleansing Ingredients

You will receive a 4 Oz bottle of Sage Cleanse – Liquid Smudge Spray.

  • The base of this aromatherapy mist is Distilled Water.
  • The 100% Pure Essential Oils used are White Sage, Clary Sage, Lavender, Myrrh, and Cedarwood
  • Intention: To break up negative energy, ground it, and fill the space with sweetness!
  • As Always, Love

Gently shake before use. Spray around the room with intention of cleansing the area of any negativity and filling it with love and light.

Use this spray on or around your body to clear your own energy field.


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