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Russian Lemurian Quartz 4469


Sacred Scribe

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Russian Lemurian Quartz 4469

This fabulous crystal is a Russian Lemurian Master Teacher.

Fill your Heart and Home with the Love of Lemuria and welcome the Goddess of the Urals into your life! We know there is much global unrest, and we know that we, as light workers, have been called upon to help.

The Russian Lemurians are one of our best tools. It is now time to walk The Path of the Heart! All things must be done through love; the Russian Lemurians will help us to attain this goal.

Details of this Lemurian Quartz

You will receive this exact crystal.

This crystal comes in a wooden storage (cigar) box that is lined specifically for it.

This Lemurian measures:
5″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″


The Story of Russian Lemurians

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