• Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit, Guide, and Class

Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit & Guide


Are you Ready to let the Light In?

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The Ritual Cleansing Bath
Kit & Guide

The Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit & PDF Guide provides everything that you need to Create and Take your Spiritual Cleansing Bath!

Order today and get all the bonuses listed below!

Your Ingredients Kit will be mailed directly to your door for a small shipping fee.

The Guide, Class, and All Bonuses are available for immediate access in your Course Dashboard.

Say Yes to Self Care!

It’s time to let go of everything that is holding you back.

A Ritual Cleansing Bath is the Best way to Do just That!

Need extra Baths?

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Order TODAY and Get ALL these Bonuses

Cleansing Bath Kit Ingredients

Everything you need to create your own Ritual Cleansing Bath delivered right to your door. Organic Herbs & measured amounts of Botanical Ingredients.

Ritual Cleansing Bath Guide

Includes step by step instructions for how to Create and Take your Cleansing Bath. Download and Print your PDF guide for immediate access.

Ritual Cleansing Bath Mini Class

Let Dawna guide you through each step of Creating and Taking your Ritual Cleansing Bath, sharing her insight along the way.

Music Guide

Do you enjoy background music while you soak? Download Dawna's list of her favorite Cleansing Bath Meditation Music to get you started.

Glossary of Terms

Unsure about some of the Spiritual Terms used in the Bath Guide and Mini Class? This quick look up glossary will get you right back on track. Easy to download and add to you collection.

Automatic Course Enrollment

Our Course Dashboard is available 24/7 for quick access to ALL of the Courses that you are enrolled in. Everything that you purchase is in one spot, clearly laid out, and easy to navigate.

There Is No Limit to How Long You Can Use The Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit, PDF Guide, and Video Class

You have life time access to the The Ritual Cleansing Bath Class, PDF Guide, and Bonuses on your Course Dashboard. You can use them to create more Cleansing Baths in the future.

Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit, Guide, and Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the kit and how fast does it arrive?

The Ritual Cleansing Bath Kit includes all of the ingredients that you need to Create and Take One Ritual Cleansing Bath. The Organic Herbs and Spiritual Ingredients arrive in separate, measured packages for your convenience. Your kit includes a reusable muslin bag to contain the herbs and keep your tub clean.

Your ingredients kit will be mailed within 3 business days.  You also receive instant access to your PDF Guide, Class and all the bonuses right inside of your Course Dashboard.

What if I need to take more baths?

It is common to take this bath 3 to 7 times in a row. You can purchase additional measured bath kits or larger amounts of each of the botanical ingredients right in the Transformational Healing Shop.

There are links in your PDF Guide that will take you directly to the ingredient or full kit that you need.

Can I really do this myself?

Yes, You Can!  All Ritual Baths work like every other spiritual act that you practice, with intent.  Your PDF Guide and Class will guide you through every step of forming that intent, creating your bath, preparing yourself and your space, taking your bath, and even suggestions on what to do after your bath.  Simply follow the steps, put in the work, and trust in yourself.

Who should take a Ritual Cleansing Bath?

Ritual Cleansing Baths are perfect for anyone to clear out unwanted energies that are holding you back, making you feel weighed down, or have knocked you off balance. It is a relaxing way to cleanse and clear your energy ~ to open the path to pull yourself back into balance ~ and to create your own reality.

I don't have a bathtub... can this work in the shower?

Absolutely, you can create this Cleansing Ritual Bath and take it into the shower with you.  This is actually very easy to do.

Directions on how to do this are included in your PDF Guide.

When should I take a Ritual Cleansing Bath?

You should take a Ritual Cleansing Bath anytime that you feel off balance, bogged down, or that your energy is heavy. This bath will help to clear out the heavy energies, fill you back up with light, open your path to balance, and allow you create the reality that you desire.

Trust your gut ~ You will know.

How do I keep my energy clear?

Your PDF Guide and Class include ways to fill yourself and your living space with positive energy after your bath. There are bonus videos available on Intention and Mindfulness that will guide you on your way to understanding how energy and intention work. These will set you on a path to protecting your personal energy and being aware of the energy around you in the future.

Who is this Ritual Bath Kit & Course not for?

If you already know everything there is to know about taking Ritual Cleansing Baths, how to make them, and you already take them on a regular basis
If you are closed minded, unwilling to grow, learn, flourish, do the work, or pull yourself back into balance to create the life you want….
Then this kit and class may not be for you.

What Tribe Members have to Say...


Oh MY! This was perfection for what I needed today. Just opening the box was enough to know that this was going to be special. Then I got to mix up the bath tea. The scent while it was brewing was wonderful.

How relaxing to imagine myself floating in a warm ocean while all that negative energy drifted out and off of me.

When I finally got out, I felt so relaxed that I just sat for a while sipping a cup of hot tea. Now I feel ready to go again.

Thank you for the ritual bath, it was just what I needed!


The Create Your Own Ritual Baths Course is the perfect tool to regularly cleanse your body, mind and soul and feel relaxed and more refreshed than ever before. Learn to let go of all the stress in your life, and feel rejuvenated.


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