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Ritual Bath Class


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Complete Ritual Bath Class

This Ritual Bath Class will guide you through every step of forming that intent, creating your bath, preparing yourself and your space, taking your bath, and even suggestions on what to do after your bath. 

  • 4 easy to follow modules
  • 21 Videos + bonuses
  • Over 2 hours of Instruction
  • Several Bonus PDF’s for your Spiritual Journal

It is Time to take care of you!

Ritual Baths are a great way to get back into balance and achieve the life that you desire.

Ritual Baths Included
Cleansing Ritual Bath
Blessing Bath
Self Love Bath
Abundance Bath
Peaceful Healing Bath

Bonus ~ They can also be so relaxing!

Order TODAY and Get ALL these Bonuses

Metaphysical & Spiritual Uses of Herbs PDF

Common Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Magical uses for many herbs, resins, and salts.
Some of them are not appropriate to add to a Ritual Bath, but are included so that you can use them for other purposes, such as incense.
13 Pages

Metaphysical & Spiritual Uses of Essential Oils PDF

Common Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Magical uses for Essential Oils.
Please not the precautions for sun exposure and pregnancy.
10 Pages

6 Ritual Bath Recipes with Intentions

Dawna's favorite intention for each Ritual Bath with the bath recipe. This includes a bonus recipe and intention for the Analgesic Pain Relief Bath.
7 pages

Curated Music List for each ritual bath intention

A short list of recommended music for each Ritual Bath intention.
Each Video has a direct link that you can click on to find the music in YouTube.
7 pages

Affirmation Cards & Positive Quotes for you to Print

Positive Thoughts and Affirmations for you!
The First Page is Dawna's favorite Intention for each bath.
Pages 2 & 3 are Quotes from Dawna's writings.
The rest are created from various sources.
10 pages

Bonus Video:
The Secret Key to Intetion

A little insight into how to phrase your intentions and what NOT to ask for!

Bonus Video:
How to Print your PDF's

A short instructional video on how to print out your PDF's for your Spiritual Journal, BOS (Book of Shadows), or for your Affirmation Cards.

There Is No Limit to How Long You Can Use The PDF & Video Class

You have life time access to the The Complete Ritual Bath Class, All of your PDF’s, and Bonuses on your Course Dashboard.

You can use them to create many  Ritual Baths in the future.

We will be offering custom kits for each of the baths with measured amounts very soon. Just ask!

Ritual Bath Class with Bonus Videos and PDF's

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get this class?

You receive instant access to the Complete Ritual Bath Class and all the bonuses right inside of your Course Dashboard.

You will get an email with a password to log in. Simply log in, go to My Profile and you will see all of your classes right there!

How do I get ingredients for all of the baths?

You can purchase measured bath kits or larger amounts of each of the botanical ingredients right in the Transformational Healing Shop.

The kits will be available right on the website very soon. Individual items are available in the shop.

Can I really do this myself?

Yes, You Can!  All Ritual Baths work like every other spiritual act that you practice, with intent. 

This Video Class will guide you through every step of forming that intent, creating your bath, preparing yourself and your space, taking your bath, and even suggestions on what to do after your bath.  Simply follow the steps, put in the work, and trust in yourself.

Who should take this Ritual Bath Class?

Ritual Baths are perfect for anyone to clear out unwanted energies that are holding you back, making you feel weighed down, or to bring blessings, abundance, and love to your life.

It is a relaxing way to cleanse and clear your energy ~ to open the path to abundance & love, and to pull yourself back into balance.

It’s time to create your own reality!

I don't have a bathtub... can this work in the shower?

Absolutely, you can create any of the Ritual Baths and take them into the shower with you.  This is actually very easy to do.

I include this as part of the class!

When should I take a Ritual Bath?

You should take a Ritual Bath anytime that you feel off balance, bogged down, or that your energy is heavy OR whenever you want to draw positive energies in your direction.

These baths will help to clear out the heavy energies, fill you  up with positive energy, open your path to balance, and allow you create the reality that you desire.

Trust your gut ~ You will know.

How do I keep my energy clear?

This Class include ways to fill yourself and your living space with positive energy after your bath. There are bonus videos available on Intention and Mindfulness that will guide you on your way to understanding how energy and intention work.

These will set you on a path to protecting your personal energy and being aware of the energy around you in the future.

Who is this Ritual Bath Class not for?

If you already know everything there is to know about taking Ritual Baths, how to make them, and you already take them on a regular basis
If you are closed minded, unwilling to grow, learn, flourish, do the work, or pull yourself back into balance to create the life you want….
Then this class may not be for you.

Get your
Ritual Bath Class

You will have immediate lifetime access to the Complete Ritual Bath Video Class, All of your Bonus PDF’s, and all the other bonuses.


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