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Purpurite Crystal – 5


Connect to Source.

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Give yourself the gift of insight, intuition, and connecting to the higher realms today.

Purpurite is a great stone for all of those who are seeking a stronger connection to themselves and the universe.

Purpurite Crystals assist you to connect with pure source energy, and to open your crown chakra and third eye.  Purpurite guides you to connect with source, receive healing energy for yourself and others, and insight into divine truth.

The violet ray of healing energy is strong with these crystals.


More Information about our Purpurite

Our Purpurite Crystals come from Brazil. We buy them directly from the mine owner.

You will receive this exact crystal. It measures approximately 4.25″ x 2.75″ x 2.25″.

Purpurite does gather a fine purple dust on it. We do rinse and dry the crystals before shipping. This dust may appear, especially if you carry it with other crystals.


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