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Ostara Incense


Ostara Offering Herbs

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Ostara Incense

Our handcrafted Ostara Incense is created with intention for celebrating Ostara, welcoming Spring, and renewal of the land at the Spring Equinox.

Our incenses may also be used as offering herbs for your wheel of the year sabbat celebrations.


Spring Equinox Incense Ingredients

You will receive a 3″ x 4″ bag with 0.5 oz of loose incense.

Each bag is sold by weight and may vary in volume.

Red Sandalwood
Lemon Verbena*
Red Cedar Tips
Rose Buds and Petals
Clove Buds
Mullein Leaf*
Red Clover Blossoms*
Rosemary Leaf

Intention of celebrating Ostara and welcoming Spring

As Always, Love


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