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Mugwort Herb


Artemisia Vulgaris

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Metaphysical Uses of Mugwort

Mugwort Herb has many metaphysical uses.  People use Mugwort tea for astral travel, prophetic dreams, shamanic journeys, to enter trance, to increase psychic powers, open your third eye, assist with clairvoyance, and as a scrying herb. It is often referred to as vision tea.

Others will add it to their smoking blend for the same purposes. It is also commonly used as a replacement for sage in smudge bundles.


Medicinal Uses of Mugwort

In Herbal Lore, Mugwort is often used for digestive issues, promoting blood circulation, headache relief, reducing arthritis issues, menstrual symptoms, stress relief, energy boosting, and improving sleep.  As a salve it helps with bruising, itching, poison ivy, and eczema. 

Over 100’s of years it has been used as a spice in foods, medicinally, spiritually, and is even used in Chinese Acupuncture as moxibustion.


Cut and Sifted Mugwort

Mugwort is a great addition to any Witches Apothecary!


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*** Herbal remedies, spiritual products, and aromatherapy have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please contact your health care practitioner for advice. For spiritual products, we provide the ingredients and you must add your own intentions. The information provided here is to let you know our intentions when creating the products. We do not guarantee any specific outcome. That is up to you and your intention.


About Our Herbs

  • I have personally bagged and weighed each of the herbs that I sell packaged.
  • There are many other herbs available in my shop.
  • Organic herbs are labeled as such.
  • Dried herbs are purchased from reputable wholesale companies or personally wild crafted.
  • Any herb that is personally wild crafted has been gathered using all common precautions to avoid contamination and to preserve the future of the herb.
  • Many of the herbs that I sell are medicinal, but please consult your health care provider for advice. There are many websites and great books available to research medicinal uses. I will also never diagnose or treat clients.
  • The Metaphysical uses that are listed above are for reference only. They are simply the uses that can be found in metaphysical books and common lore.



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