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Moon Cycle Ritual Kit in Black Pentacle Box


With Incense, White Sage, Ritual Salt, Brass Censer, Ritual Sand, Charcoals and Tongs

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This Ritual Box is amazing!

This beautifully hand painted box is the perfect addition to any witch’s apothecary.  It is filled incenses for both the full and new moon along with all the supplies that you need to burn the incense and spiritual goods to set up your sacred space for your ritual.

Everything fits inside of the felt lined, Black Pentacle box.

Just what you need to add a Spark of Joy to your Life and get back to balance.

This Ritual Kit contains:

  • Black Pentacle Box measures: 8.25″ x 7.75″ x 3.25″
  • Full Moon Incense Box – 1 oz
  • New Moon Incense Box – 0.5 oz
  • Loose White Sage Box – 0.3 oz
  • Coarse Ritual Sea Salt Box – 5 oz
  • Black Sand in a Jar – 5 oz
  • Brass Incense Burner with Hand Carved Wooden Trivet
  • 10 Charcoal Tablets – Three Kings Brand
  • Tongs for Charcoals
  • Instructions for using Charcoal Tablets to burn incense


Ingredients of the Hand Crafted Incense:

Full Moon Incense:
Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Rose Buds*, Cedar Tips, Juniper Berry, Orange Peel*, Yarrow*, White Sage, Star Anise*, Jasmine, Lotus Root, Mugwort* & Love

Intention: Completion of the Cycle and Release of the Old Pattern.


New Moon Incense:
Blessed Thistle*, Lavender Flowers*, Catnip*, Skullcap*, Chamomile Flowers*, Lemon Balm*, Rose Buds, Rosemary, Jasmine Flowers, Calendula Flowers*, Oatstraw*, Red Clover Blossoms*, Bay Leaves & Love 

Intention: Focus on that which you wish to grow and manifest.


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