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Lunar Cycle Incense Collection


Full Moon, New Moon, Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse



Lunar Cycle Incense Collection

Celebrate every cycle of the Moon with this amazing incense collection!

This collection includes everything that you will need to burn incense during any lunar celebration or ritual.

A perfect gift for yourself or someone else in your tribe.

Incense helps to guide one into proper meditation space, so that you can move back to balance in your life.


Which set is right for you?

Your choice of just the 4 moon cycle incenses or you can add an incense burning kit that includes: Your choice of Incense Burner, your choice of ritual sand, charcoal tablets, and tongs for charcoal.

If you choose just the incenses, please choose none for your sand… as it is not included in that choice.


Incense Ingredients

A * means that ingredient is certified organic


Full Moon: Frankincense Tears, Sandalwood Chips, Myrrh Resin, Rose Buds, Eastern White Cedar, Juniper Berry, Orange Peel*, Yarrow Flowers*, White Sage, Star Anise, Jasmine Flowers, Lotus Root Nodules, Mugwort Herb, Love & Intention: Completion of the Cycle and Release of the Old Pattern.

New Moon: Blessed Thistle*, Lavender Flowers*, Catnip*, Skullcap Herb*, Chamomile Flowers*, Lemon Balm*, Rose Buds, Rosemary, Jasmine Flowers, Calendula Flowers*, Oatstraw Herb*, Red Clover Blossoms*, Bay Leaves, Love & Intention: Focus on that which you wish to grow and manifest.

Lunar Eclipse: Jasmine Flower, Rose Buds, Motherwort Herb*, White Willow Bark*, Skullcap Herb*, Red Sandalwood Chips, Mugwort Herb*, Cats Claw Bark, Wormwood Herb*, Frankincense Tears, Jericho Flower, Hibiscus Flower*, Myrrh Gum Powder, Mistletoe Herb, Dragon’s Blood Resin, Lotus Root Nodules, Valerian Root*, Love & Intention: Let it Go! Purification. Cleansing & Healing. Release that which no longer serves you!

Solar Eclipse: Blessed Thistle*, Lavender Flower*, Rose Bud, Chamomile Flower*, Mugwort Herb, Vervain Herb*, Skullcap Herb*, Lemon Balm Leaf*, Oatstraw Herb*, Nutmeg, Jasmine Flower, Peppermint Leaf*, Mullein Leaf*, Love & Intention: Out with the Old, In with the New! Make Dreams Reality! Self-Awareness. Intuition. Inner Truth. Find your True Path. Wrap up Loose Ends. Move Forward.


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