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Lodestone Incense Powder


Attract the life you want!

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Lodestone Incense Powder

Attract the Life you Want!

Lodestone Incense Powder is specifically created to help you draw in the energies that you are seeking.

This powered incense is used to help with money magic, prosperity spells, manifestation, and even love spells.

Use the magnetic qualities of Lodestone to help you attract that which you desire.

Burn a small portion of this lightly scented powdered incense to attract money and love or to gently call what you desire in your life.

Learn how to Create a Prosperity Bowl on our YouTube Channel!

You will receive...

0.5 oz of Lodestone Powdered Incense in a 2″ x 3″ resealable bag.



  • Powdered Wood Base
  • Salt Peter
  • Purple / Grey Coloring
  • Perfume
  • Manifestation Intention


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