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Lammas Oil


Lughnasadh Anointing Oil

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Lammas Oil

Celebrate the First Harvest with our ritual Lammas Oil!  You can use it to anoint yourself, your candles, or your altar tools for your Lughnasadh Ritual or Lammas Celebration.

This oil is commonly used for Sabbat Rituals, Journey, Meditation, Dream Work, Celebrating the Harvest, Spiritual Renewal, and to Welcome the Fairy Folk. 

You can apply it with intention to your chakras. It works very well when used on the Third Eye.



  • The base oil is Sweet Almond Oil.
  • The 100% Pure Essential Oils used are Cedar, Sandalwood, Thyme, Scotch Pine, and Juniper.
  • As Always, Made with Intention and Love

4 ML / 1 Dram bottle


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