• jezebel-root-pieces

Jezebel Root


pinus species – 0.25 oz



A great addition to any witches apothecary. Jezebel root radiates “Come to Me” energy and is perfect for manifestation and abundance spells.

You will receive 0.25 oz of the style of your choice.


Metaphysical Uses of Jezebel Root

  • Manifestation Magick
  • Prosperity Spells
  • Attract wealthy men
  • Welcome generosity to your life
  • Attraction and love spells
  • Manifest money
  • Get more tips
  • Achieve raises
  • Female protection herb for safety
  • A great addition to Mojo bags
  • Used in the Curse of Jezebel
  • Often used in Hoodoo,  Voodoo, and Santaria



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