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Jezebel Oil


Attract your Desires!

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Jezebel Oil

Jezebel Oil is designed to help you to attract wealth, men, generosity, love, and tips.

This is an unscented, purely magical anointing oil.


Jezebel Anointing Oil Ingredients

The base oil is Sweet Almond Oil.
Includes a Jezebel Root Piece. There are no added Essential Oils.
As Always, Made with Intention and Love.

Metaphysical Uses:

Dab this oil on yourself or to anoint your tools or candles.

Jezebel Root is most often used by women to attract wealthy men, generosity, attract love spells, manifest money, get more tips, achieve raises, and as a female protection herb for safety.

It has also been used in the Curse of Jezebel.

A good addition to the witches apothecary.



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