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Incense Burning Kit Optional Resins


Optional 3 Resins or 5 Resins available


Everything you Need!

Are you ready to start your incense journey?  Looking for the perfect gift for your spiritual minded friend?

Look no further!

This amazing Incense Burner Kit comes with everything you need to burn herbs, resins, or loose incense with charcoal tablets… in a safe way!

We have created special bundles here for you to include either 3 Resins or 5 Resins if you choose.


You can order Just the Kit.
Then wander through our many handcrafted loose incenses or hundreds of herbs and resins to make your own wonderful incenses.


What is in the Incense Burning Kit?

You will receive:

  • Your choice of a Brass Screen Incense Burner (3″) or a Cast Iron Oval Burner (4″)
  • Your choice of Rainbow, Black, or White Sand (5 oz)
  • Metal Tongs for Charcoals
  • A 10 pack of Charcoal Tablets

3 Incense Option:

The Incense Kit plus 0. 5 oz of Frankincense Tears, Myrrh Resin, and Copal Oro Resin

5 Incense Option:

The 3 Incense Option Kit plus 0.5 oz of Dragon’s Blood Resin and Red Sandalwood Resin Powder


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