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High John the Conqueror Root


Protection, Luck, and Blessings

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High John the Conqueror Root

High John the Conqueror’s legacy is one of luck, love, success, and achievement. Through his root, these blessings are available to everyone.

High John Root is sold by weight. You will receive 1 Root.


About High John Root

High John the Conqueror Root, sometimes called Jalapa Root is commonly used in Hoodoo, Voodoo, and other pagan paths for protection and strength.

High John is related to morning glory, bindweed, and the sweet potato, the Ipomoea jalapa root has a very unique spicy aromatic scent.

If you were to take it internally, it would cause severe dysentery.

Magically, one simply needs to carry it on oneself in your pocket or as part of a mojo bag, for specific workings.


High John Mythology

In the mythos, John de Conquer was an African prince who refused to be broken by slavery.

The Lore says that he outwitted the Devil to escape from America, to his homeland of Africa, with his love, the Devil’s daughter… Lilith.

In order not to be tracked or found again, he left his powers accessible to us, by hiding them in a root.

(This is one version of the many similar myths)


Metaphysical Uses of High John

  • A powerful ingredient in Hoodoo, Voodoo and Pagan spell work
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Achieve goals
  • Encourage happiness
  • Protect against negative energies and curses
  • Enduring strength
  • Blessings
  • Luck
  • Love
  • Success
  • Abundance


Ways to Use High John Root

As with all of the magical herbs, there are as many ways as there are paths, to use High John Root.

Here are a few of the more common uses.

  • You can carry the root on you, either in a mojo bag or just in your pocket with your intention.
  • Some people even make a necklace out of it. This style of talisman has been used for love, money, good luck, depression, to call on strength of will and courage, and for protection from negative influences and curses.
  • You can soak the root in oil and use that oil to bless candles, crystals and other magical tools for these intentions.
  • Soak the root in alcohol to make a tincture, which can be sprayed on documents to bless them with luck and strength. Perhaps used for a court document or buying a house?
  • Add it in a floor wash or floor sweep to remove negativity from your living space.
  • Add the grated powder to a mojo, gris-gris, or spell bag.
  • Add it to incense to boost the effects of any spell.

Color Associations for Magical Workings

Common color associations of Spell Bags and Chime Candles as used with High John.

  • Green – Money, Success, Luck
  • Pink – Love, Devotion
  • Purple – Protection, or removing obstacles
  • Yellow – Strength of will, Determination


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