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Hecate Bath Salts


Hekate Ritual Bath

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Honor Hecate!

Our Hecate Bath Salts are designed specifically for your Hecate Ceremonies and Rituals.  This spiritual bath was created at the new moon in honor of Hecate.

Prepare for your Hecate Ritual surrounded with wonderful energy, herbs, pure essential oils, and the finest sea salts.

Hecate Bath Salt is part of our Hecate Ritual Collection. 

Specifically designed in honor of Hecate for your ceremonies and rituals.


Hecate Ritual Bath Salt Ingredients:

  • Coarse Ritual Sea Salt
  • Fine Dead Sea Salt
  • Mugwort Herb
  • Organic Lavender Flowers
  • Rosemary Herb
  • Pure Essential Oils of Lavender and Rose Attar
  • Honoring Hecate Intention
  • As Always, Love


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