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Heal A Broken Heart Spell Bag


Self Love Spell Pouch



You deserve to feel whole again!

Our Heal a Broken Heart Spell Bag and Kit are both designed to help you along your path to heart healing.

The Self Love Spell Bag was ritually crafted by Dawna to heal your broken heart. It includes a candle and instructions for you to infuse your intentions into the bag as well.

The Broken Heart Spell Bag Kit has all of the ingredients that you need to craft your own self love spell pouch. Complete instructions are included in the spell kit.



The ingredients are the same for both styles. One has been done for you and is ready to infuse with your energy. The kit is a full DIY Spell Kit.

  • Pink Organza Bag
  • Herbs: Cedar Leaves, Rose Petals, Rosemary
  • Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Pink Chime Candle
  • Full Instructions for your Spell Ritual



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