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Ground Oil


Grounding Anointing Oil


Ground Oil

Our Ground Oil is commonly used for Grounding before or after Ritual, Earthing, Centering, Journey work, Meditation, and Dream Work. 

It helps one with Grounding, Centering, Aligning Chakras, Earthing, and Aligning you to your purpose. 

You can apply it with intention to your chakras. It works very well when used on the Third Eye, Heart Chakra or the bottom of your feet. 

It can also be used as an anointing oil for candles.


The base oil is Sweet Almond Oil.

The 100% Pure Essential Oils used are Vetiver, Juniper Berry, and Sandalwood.

As Always, Made with Intention and Love


Ground Anointing Oil Options

You can get Ground Anointing Oil packaged in:

  • 4 ML – 1 Dram Glass Bottle with cap
  • 10 ML – Roller Ball Applicator

⭐️We also have a Ground Spray that is just amazing!


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