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Graveyard Dirt


Earth and Ancestor Connection

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Add some strength and connection to your workings.

You will receive 1 oz of Graveyard Dirt.

Metaphysical Uses of Graveyard Dirt

A Powerful Symbolic Tool that is used in Spells and Rituals to represent the Element of Earth.

Graveyard Dirt is often used to form a link to the Ancestors and Spirits of the Dead for Protection from Curses or other Rituals.

Dirt from a graveyard is a common Witches Apothecary supply.  It is often used in Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Santeria.

****Note: I did not collect this item myself. It is collected in a graveyard. It is not from a person’s grave. It is from an area off to the side where the extra dirt is stored.


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