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Fairy Awakening Kit


Fairy Gift Set – Stocking Stuffer

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Mini Fairy Gift Set

A wonderful little carrying pouch with everything you need to awaken, welcome, and call the Fae Folk or set up a mini fairy altar. 

These also make great stocking stuffers, party favors, and gift sets!


The Fairy Gift Set includes:

  • Fairy Powder
  • Fairy Awakening Incense
  • Mini Fairy Bell
  • Australian Selenite Crystal
  • A Shiny Penny
  • A Welcoming Rhyme for the Fae

Incense Safety

This incense is meant to be burned on a charcoal or thrown into a fire. It can also be used as an offering.

We recommend using tongs to hold the charcoal during lighting.

We recommend using sand in your censer for extra protection.


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