• Embracing your Shadow Side Guided Meditation

Embracing Your Shadow Side Guided Meditation

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It’s time to Embrace Your Shadow Side!

Learn why embracing your shadow side is an important part of working on healing your whole self, sometimes called shadow work, in this guided meditation.

Your shadow is not something that is bad or meant to be feared.  It is simply those things that are hiding in your unconscious mind. 

Shadow can include the limiting beliefs, the hidden talents, the things that we were told did not exist when we were a child, and yes… our traumas.

But these aspects of us are what make us what we are today!

Embracing the shadow allows us to gain the insight, strength, and knowledge of those lessons.  You can release the trauma and limiting beliefs and can the knowledge through meditation.

All of this work that we do with shadow is designed to help us to come to a place of balance and wholeness… mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Why this guided meditation?

This 33 minute meditation, with a 1 min introduction, is specifically designed to help you to do your shadow work!  You can use this meditation over and over again as you progress further on your journey.

Shadow work is done slowly, one layer at a time, so that you can truly integrate and become your true and best you!

Many of my students have had great success with this method of embracing your shadow side over the last 25 years.

I truly hope that it helps you too!


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