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Dragon’s Blood Resin


Solid Pieces or Powdered



Ignite your Spirit

Dragon’s Blood Resin is commonly burned as incense for purification, protection, and spiritual cleansing of your home and your energy field.

This sweet essence can also help with matters of love and aid in controlling your energy.

Some also use Dragon’s Blood Incense for exorcism.


Solid Pieces or Powder?

Our Dragon’s Blood Resin Incense arrives to us in a very large ball. I break the resin down myself and package it to order.

Please request the size of your pieces. I will custom grind it for your order. Just let me know by choosing your style. 

Some people prefer to receive larger chunks that they can break down themselves, others prefer the ease of receiving it already in it’s powdered form or a mixture of different sizes of resin with powder.  There is no correct answer.

If you choose to order all larger pieces, you will most likely need a mortar and pestle to be able to use the resin incense.


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