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  • 2 inch Crystal Pendulum
  • Obsidian Crystal Pendulum
  • Milky Quartz Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulum


Your Choice of Crystal – 2”


Crystal Pendulum

Choose from Milky Quartz or Obsidian for your Carved Crystal Pendulum.

These crystal pendulums average around 2” in.
Mined and Carved in Brazil.


Choose your Crystal Pendulum:

Milky Quartz:

Often referred to as the Wisdom Stone, Milky Quartz assists with overall concentration, vitality, healing, and clarity. Quartz is the most easily programmed of all the crystals and will make a great stone to work with as a pendulum.



A great protection crystal, Obsidian helps to shield against negative energy, block psychic attacks, and absorb unwanted energies through transmutation. This quickly formed, volcanic glass helps one to get to the truth of the matter, which makes it a great pendulum choice.


Which Pendulum will I receive?

  • All of the Crystals are mined and carved in Brazil.
  • We purchase them directly from a mine owner.
  • Both the crystals and chains are a variety of lengths.
  • The average length of the pendulums is 2″.
  • Dawna will intuitively pick a pendulum for you, after you choose your crystal.



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