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Citrine Crystal


Fill your life with cheerfulness!

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Citrine Crystal

If you need to get rid of that cranky vibe, clear and cleanse your energy, and fill yourself with cheerfulness, then a Citrine Crystal is calling to you!


Natural Citrine from Brazil

Citrine helps with so many different things, but we have listed a few of them here for you.

  • Brings Cheerfulness to the one carrying it or to your room.
  • Great as a family room centerpiece!
  • Helps one to overcome mental blocks.
  • Brings Clarity of thought and gut instinct.
  • Attracts abundance and is great for manifestation.
  • Cleanses and purifies toxins and energies.
  • Is truly the Anti-Cranky Stone!


Our Citrine comes straight from the mine owners in Brazil.  It is not heat treated in any way.

Dawna will randomly pick a crystal for you.

These crystals do vary in size, but average around 2” x 1.5”.



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