• cascarilla-ritual-eggshell-powder
  • cascarilla-ritual-egg-shell-powder

Cascarilla Ritual Eggshell Powder


Peace Powder



Our Cascarilla is smooth and goes on silky.

It can be easily and quickly applied for protection and blessings.

You can also scrape off powder to add to a ritual bath or house cleaning mix.

Your choice of a single compressed eggshell powder or a set of three.

Metaphysical Uses of Ritual Egg Shell Powder

Represents Life and Birth

Commonly used to create spells for protection

Bring Blessings into your life

Cascara, or Cascarilla, is a great addition to your ritual crafts

Sometimes called Peace Powder

Often used with HooDoo, VooDoo, Santeria and Mojo work

More about Cascarilla

Looking for more information about how to use Cascarilla for blessings and in protection spells?

Check out my video ~ How to use Cascarilla or Ritual Egg Shell Powder for Protection and Blessings


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