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Beltane Oil


Ritual Anointing Oil

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Beltane Oil

Our Beltane Oil is created in small batches, with the intention of celebrating spring, May Day, fertility, and awakening of the land.

It’s time to dance, laugh, and celebrate with your community!


Using Beltane Anointing Oil

There are so many ways to use ritual anointing oils.

Some ideas for this May Day Oil are:

  • Apply to yourself for Beltane, Ritual, or to bring in spring energies.
  • Apply to your candle for your May Day sabbat ritual.
  • Anoint your tools on your Beltane Altar.
  • Use in spells for manifesting growth and fertility.


Need more info on Beltane?

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Beltane Oil Ingredients

You will receive a 1 dram bottle of Beltane Anointing Oil.

  • The base oil is Sweet Almond Oil.
  • The 100% Pure Essential Oils used are Jasmine, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Rosewood.
  • One Rose Petal Leaf.
  • Intention of Celebrating May Day, Spring, fertility and growth.
  • As Always,  Love.



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