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Anil Blue Powder


Works just like Blue Balls!

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Looking for Blue Balls, Bluestone, or Blue Squares?

Our Anil Blue Powder is the perfect solution for your House Clearing rituals, spiritual cleansing, and to bring blessings into your life.

I prefer to use the powder, as you can choose how much Anil to add for each use.

Your will receive 0.5 oz of blue powder. This is equal to one blue square.

We do also carry the Blue Squares, if you prefer to work with the solid state.

Using Anil Blue

Add Anil to your Ritual Cleansing Bath

Pop a Blue Square in your floor wash and spiritually cleanse, and bless, your house as you wash your floors

Anil is also Laundry Blueing – It Whitens your clothes – and you can add the intention of spiritual protection to those clothes too.

Looking for more information about how to use Anil Blue Powder for blessings and in protection spells?

Check out my video ~ 4 Ways to Use Anil Blue for Spiritual Cleansing


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