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Amber Resin Gift Set


For the Amber Lover in your Life…
or is that YOU!

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Why Amber?

Amber is well known for its alluring, tantalizing, and aphrodisiac qualities. Are you ready to welcome that sensuality into your life?

Amber is often used for offerings for Freya of the Norse Pantheon and Oshun (Osun) of the Afro-Caribbean Religions. (Santeria, VooDoo, HooDoo, Ifa) 

Metaphysically, Amber is most often used for Success & Good Fortune, Love & Happiness, Mothering Comfort, and as a Sensuous Aphrodisiac.

The Amber Crystal included with this kit is real Baltic Amber.


This Amber Gift Set Includes:

  • 5 grams of Honey Amber Resin
  • 10 ml of Dark Amber Oil in a Roller Ball
  • An Aromatherapy Box*
  • Baltic Amber Crystal – not this exact one… but very similar
  • Gift Bag

*You must remove the Amber Resin from the small container to put it in the box. The round container will not fit in the box.


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