Herbal Tinctures

Hand Crafted, small batch, herbal tinctures that are designed to help you come back to a place of balance.

All of our herbal tinctures are made with Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol and with Organic Herbs, if at all possible.

Our tinctures are made in small batches for freshness, intention, and that handmade love.

Every tincture batch is weighed and measured to give you the percentage of both herbal constituents and alcohol.

Our ratios are noted in each listing and on every bottle.

We use Certified Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol and Spring Water to create the perfect menstrum (liquid at the exact percentage rate) for extraction.

Most extractions are done with organic dried herbs and powders.

Fresh herbs will be noted in the listing.

We offer custom tincture blends of our herbs. Send us an email inquiry.

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