New Moon Herbs and Oils Apothecary

New Moon Herbs and Oils Apothecary

New Moon
Herbs and Oils Apothecary

There are so many New Moon Herbs and Oils, so how do you know which ones to choose?

New Moon Energies

The New Moon is the time to focus on that which you wish to grow and manifest in your life. 

Plant those seeds of hope, focus your intention on your plan to move forward, and then work towards the creation of those dreams.  It is also a great time to manifest prosperity, abundance, and money.

There are many herbs and oils that are associated with the New Moon. These magical tools can help you to increase that focus.

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New Moon Herbs

Bay Leaves
Blessed Thistle
Calendula Flowers
Chamomile Flowers
Jasmine Flowers
Lavender Flowers
Lemon Balm

Passion Flower
Red Clover Blossoms
Rose Buds
Witch Hazel

New Moon Incense Blend

New Moon Oils


Sweet Orange

New Moon Oil
New Moon Oil Blend

New Moon Intentions

As you can see there are many herbs and oils for manifestation, prosperity, and growth during the New Moon. I have used many of these items in my New Moon Incense and Offering Herbs, New Moon Anointing Oil, and New Moon Bath Salts

There are many things to consider when choosing the proper herbs or oils to use in your magical workings. The most important of these is to go with your gut and choose those things that you feel comfortable working with.

You should always consider the other aspects of each magical herb and your specific intention for your spell.

When blending oils, you also need to consider the balance of the essential oils that you are using. I have many examples and discussions on this topic in my Aromatherapy series of articles.

New Moon vs Dark Moon video

Aligning your intentions with the New Moon Energies empowers you to awaken your spirit, tap into your inner strength, and manifest the changes that you need in your life.

To those of us who walk the Earth Spirituality or Pagan Path, there is a difference between the dark moon and the new moon.

This video discusses the three phases of the new moon and how they affect us. Let’s get your moon magic flowing and learn about new moon manifestation!

Sending you Blessings!

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May your New Moon Celebrations bring you much Joy, Prosperity, and Growth!