Moon Braids DIY

Moon Braids

Calling all Crafty Witches!

Do you like wearing symbols of your faith or trinkets power? Is unique homemade jewelry right up your alley?  Check out our Moon Braids DIY below!


What are Spiritual Braids?

A spiritual braid spell is so simple to create, but is also a versatile spell that you can use to create unique spiritual items to help keep you in balance. It is a way to weave intentions into your life.

You can create spell braids for any intention or purpose and use those braids as simple bracelets (like below), witch’s protection charms, spiritual rugs, cloth ritual bowls, etc…  You can even braid your hair in a spiritual way, with intention, anytime you do a braid!

Friendship bracelets, fancy knot work, macrame, and all other types of braiding and knotting can be used in this way… even crochet, knitting, and looming. It’s all about the intention.

Why Moon Braids?

A moon braid can help you to focus on your connection to the moon and the lunar cycle.

Moon Braids are created during certain cycles of the moon, to work with that lunar cycle and keep those energies near you.  

Allowing yourself to connect to the ebb and flow of the tides and the waxing and waning of the moon can help you to feel more connected to your monthly cycles, to build and release energies as appropriate, and to remind you that you are part of this cycle.

What is a Witch’s Ladder?

A Witch’s ladder can be like a spell braid or it could be more intricate. Traditionally they are created with knots and not simple braids. They also usually include trinkets, crystals, feathers, or other spiritual items.

The lore has many references to the number 9.  Sets of 9 knots and including 9 items of various colors. They were typically used for protection or manifestation. They have also been created as meditation tools or prayer tools, similar to a rosary or mala.

You can create many different types of intentions with knot magic.  Use numbers and items as you see fit to your personal goal and intention. There is no right or wrong way, unless you are just tying random knots with no intention at all. 


Moon Braids for a Bracelet


  1. Scissors
  2. Safety pin
  3. Approximately 1 Foot of each color: White, Black, and Silver. You can use embroidery floss, yarn, or ribbon.
  4. Optional: Beads, buttons, shells, crystals, charms, small pendants etc. if appropriate to your intention.


  1. Gather your supplies with the intention of connecting to the moon energies.
  2. Create a comfortable sacred space with music, candles, incense or anything that helps enhance your magickal mood.
  3. If you have a particular deity you wish to honor, call on them once your space is set and you are ready to begin.
  4. Cut your threads to the desired length. We recommend 1 foot of each color to represent the stages of the moon.
  5. Line up the 3 strands, so that they are of equal lengths together.
  6. Knot one end of the threads together.
  7. Place a safety pin through the knot & attach it to something for added stability and to keep tension as you braid..
  8. Use a simple 3 strand braid throughout this design.
  9. As you weave the strands together, focus on the cycles of the moon and about the cyclical nature of life itself. How does your body, your life, and your spirituality ebb and flow like the tides and the cycles of the moon?
  10. If you have charms, buttons, etc that you would like to include, space them out and weave them in as you go. 
  11. When you reach the desired length of your bracelet or braid, knot the end of your braid.
  12. You can wear your moon braid as a bracelet, an anklet, or hang it where you can look at it and be reminded of the powerful beauty of the moon. 

My Moon Braid Bracelet

I chose to work with dark purple, light purple, and black to represent the cycles for me. 

In the pictures I start with 16 inches of floss, which was twice around my wrist. This was about 4 inches too long.

I chose to not add any items to this spell braid.

My Moon Braid Bracelet

So many Knot Magic ideas

  • Make this project a green craft by upcycling old shirts or sheets by cutting them into 1″ strips to use. 
  • Turn scraps of other projects into meaningful things for you.
  • You can even stitch multiple braids together to form prayer mats, cloth ritual bowls, or altar cloths!
  • Add protection to your crochet and knitted hats for the wearer.
  • Add blessings to your friendship bracelets.

I’d love to see the ideas that you come up with.  Feel free to tag @transformationalhealingbydawna on IG with your pictures.

🎨 Happy Crafting Tribe!