Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic

What does manifestation magic mean to you?  Many people simply view it as creating abundance or using money spells.

Manifestation Equals Change

I view manifestation as several things, all of which include creating something or creating change.

For me, it is transforming the energies around you, with intention, and work to create what you need in your life. This is purposeful intention, dedication of work, and taking the proper steps to make things move towards a desired result.  I use tools to help me with this intention. These magical or spiritual tools are to remind me of the intention and to keep it in the forefront of my mind.  I also know that I need to change my worldview and beliefs about abundance.

You cannot simply do a money magic candle spell, not change the way you think about or handle your money, keep your attitude and thoughts about never having money… and expect it to work!

Manifesting abundance is a cycle. The picture below will help you to understand how you need to change your thoughts about abundance for it to flow and come into your life. Those who give with generosity (even of their time) will be replenished with abundance. This cycle makes it easier to work on those things that you are trying to manifest. It really is all about your attitude.

Magical Supplies and Spiritual Tools for Manifesting Abundance

I have or will be creating separate articles about most of these spiritual supplies.  Below is a list of the ingredients and their metaphysical uses. Remember that it is your intent, your work, and your energy that creates manifestation and abundance. I am not claiming that these items work. I’m offering you tools for you to do your work.  I’m suggesting items that are commonly used for this purpose. <3

High John the Conqueror Root: strength, confidence, conquering any situation, obtaining success, prosperity, love, protection

Jezebel Root: attract wealthy men, generosity, attract love, manifest money, get more tips, achieve raises, and as a female protection herb for safety

Job’s Tears: powerful assistance in wish magic, dreams come true, good luck

Lightning Struck Wood: powerful talisman, empowered by Divine forces, protection against ALL Harm, will boost any of your workings

Mojo Wish Beans: carry it for seven days, using it as a focus for the wish you want it to aid in coming true

Rose of Jericho Flowers: love spells, draw money, protection, vitality, happy home, Sometimes called the Jericho Flower or the Resurrection Flower

Tonka Beans: love, wishes, courage, prosperity, luck, protection, good fortune, financial success, “Makes wishes come true”

Clove Buds or Powder: protection, exorcism, love, money

Cinnamon Sticks or Powder: spiritual protection, warms your soul, energy boost, metaphysical love, money spell

Mistletoe: protection, exorcism, love, fertility, dispels negativity, visions, draw in customers, money & business

Patchouli: drawing money, fertility, earth, passion, aphrodisiac

Come to Me Incense Powder: attract money and love or to gently call what you desire in your life

Money Drawing Incense Powder: draw financial strength and increased wealth into your life

High John Incense Powder: useful for spells of good luck, protection, and prosperity

Love Incense Powder: draw the fires of passion and romance into your life, a powerful aid for love magic and self-love spells

Abundance Crystals

I also like to use crystals in many of my manifestation spells.  My favorite combo is Bloodstone, Citrine, and Silicon. 

You can find very good examples of these in the Crystal Cave Rocks Etsy Shop. It is the other shop that runs out of our home.

I hope that you find this information and list helpful! Share your favorite manifestation spells, your thoughts on manifestation magic, the law of abundance, and your questions below.

As always, feel free to share this post with others.

Many Blessings and Abundance

<3 Dawna

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