Magical Suncatchers DIY

Magical Suncatchers

These Magical Suncatchers will enable you to decorate your home, harness your intention in flowers, and boost that intention with the power of the sun.

This week we are sharing a magical craft that you can make using dried summer flowers and herbs. 

If you checked out the Flower Press DIY that we posted a few weeks back, you may even have flowers ready to go!  They did an amazing step by step job on how to make an amazing press. You should check it out.


DIY Magical Sun Catchers

Magical Suncatchers


  • Pressed Flowers
  • 2 Pieces of Glass (such as those found in photo frames)
  • Metallic Tape
  • Binder Clips



  1. Gather all of your supplies.
  2. Cleanse and prepare your sacred space. 
  3. Be sure that both pieces of glass are clean before beginning.
  4. Hold your magical intention in your mind as you work.
  5. Arrange your flowers on one of the pieces of glass.
  6. Once your flowers are arranged, gently place the second piece of glass on top.
  7. Secure the edges of the 2 pieces of glass together using the metallic tape.
  8. Attach binder clips to the top 2 corner, or 1 to the center – these are your hooks.
  9. Gently clean up any smudges on the glass and then hang on your chosen surface. 
  10. Let the sun empower your intention and help you keep your focus on your goal.

✨ Note: Remember that personalizing rituals and art projects helps you to increase how much power you put into your working! Have fun with this one!

🎨 Happy Crafting Tribe!