Home Protection Box

Home Protection Box

Let’s chat about creating a Home Protection Box.

Does your home feel safe? Is it a sanctuary that fills you with a sense of peace?


Do our Homes need Protection?

This week we are taking a closer look at spiritual boundaries, both those that travel with us as well as those that guard our homes.

There are many ways to protect or ward a home. Some use Black Salt, others Iron Filings, Witches Bottles, Sigils and Symbols.  

Our Protection Spell DIY is designed to give our homes an extra energy boost to strengthen the protective boundary that keeps our homes safe from negative and harmful energies.

Protection Boxes

Protection Boxes

Spell Boxes are a great way to practice simple spells that live inside of our home. This way we can see them and work with them daily.

Other options are to use spell bottles or spell bowls.  The vessel is not the most important piece to your magical protection working.

The most important part of every spell is intention. So make sure that you have that intention clear and worded in the right way. 

Need help?  


Check out this video about Intention

Protection Box DIY

Now let’s get working on that protection spell!


Items Needed

  • Decorative Box (or plain so that you can decorate it yourself)
  • Base Salt: Sea salt or black salt
  • Essential oils (Ex: white sage, lavender, clove, rosemary, etc.)
  • Resins: (Ex: dragon’s blood, frankincense, sandalwood, etc.)
  • Herbs:  (Ex: anise, eucalyptus, rosemary, parsley, white sage, willow, etc.)
  • Crystals: (Ex: amethyst, black tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, selenite, etc.)
  • Symbols: (Ex: pentacle, hamsa, eye of horus, triquetra, bindrune, hexagram or seal of Solomon, etc.)
  • Associated Colors: black, deep blue, purple, or white



  1. Hold your intention in your mind as you gather your items!
  2. Cleanse your space using your preferred method.
  3. Be sure to Infuse all of the items with your Intention!
  4. As you place each item in the box, think about the energies that item brings to your spell, continue to visualize (chanting and singing can help build the energy as well) your intention until you feel confident in your work. 
  5. Place your box in a safe, but prominent place in your home.
  6. Every time you see the box – think of your intention.


As always, feel free to get creative, the more energy you put in the better your results will be.

Need more Protection Info?

How about a Free PDF for the Herbs, Oils, Crystals, and Spiritual Supplies for Protection?

Spiritual Protection PDF: Herbs, Oils, Crystals & Spiritual Supplies for Protection
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Check out this video: 

It is One of Many on YouTube that are about protecting your energy and your home.

So, Focus your intention, gather your items, and know that you are fully capable of spiritually protecting your home, yourself, and your family!