Go With the Flow - A women meditating on the beach at sunset

Go with the Flow

There is a reason that spiritually minded people say, “Go with the Flow”. Have you ever noticed that when you just let go and flow along with the Universe, that everything just seems to fall into place?

This doesn’t mean that you are not doing things to actively move forward. It means that you are feeling the flow and moving in the right direction for you.

The Flow, Like the River Carries me... poem over a waterfall

How Going with the Flow works

When we allow ourselves to feel the energies of nature, follow the web of life, and flow, everything moves smoothly. Synchronicities appear around every corner.  Everything literally just falls into place and we feel at balance.  We are at peace and moving with the rhythm of the world that we are fully part of.

When we are fighting against the tides, we close ourselves off from who we truly are. We disconnect from nature, feel as if we are separate from the rest of the world, and that we have to fight for every step we take.

During this time of trying to swim upstream, we tend to keep walking into walls and obstacles… placed there so that we can see that we are not being true to ourselves and have become disconnected.


How to get back into the flow

When the lessons keep coming back and we keep having the same issues with other people, it’s time to take a look inside, instead of placing all of our blame on others. 

These steps will help you to get back into balance, so that you can feel the flow again.

  • What is it that these people have been placed in your life to teach you?
  • What lesson have you not been allowing yourself to learn?
  • Ground and Center your Energy
  • Open yourself to the Universe. 
  • Feel that connection to the universe. We are all one.
  • Open your heart and allow that answer to flow to you. 
  • Embrace your truth, so that you may learn who you truly are. 
  • Then, your path will once again begin to just appear and flow before you.

Isn’t that Shadow Work?

Yes, the above advice is definitely one way to do shadow work.  Check out this video to understand this a little more. 

Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

We all have lessons to learn. I believe that is why we are here; to grow and experience life. 

Once you are able to claim your true self, your energy will help others to be able to see as well. 

The decision is yours. Is your human experience going to be one of service to self and fighting every step of the way… or one of service to others, feeling connected to everything, and flowing along able to enjoy life.

My choice?

To flow with love and compassion, for both myself and for others! I hope you join me!

Blessed Be Tribe!