Full Moon Herbs and Oils Apothecary list

Full Moon Herbs and Oils Apothecary

There are so many options for full moon herbs and oils. These are our favorite herbs and essential oils to use for celebrating the esbat.


Celebrating the Full Moon

Around the world and throughout history it is well documented that we are affected by the cycles of the moon.  Through time our ancestors have honored the moon cycle in various ways. 

Pagans and Heathens may have Full Moon Celebrations to honor the God or Goddess of the moon. Solitary Practitioners tend to find their own way to incorporate these cycles into their daily practice. 

Many Christian and Jewish holidays are also based off of this moon cycle. The cycle affects the earth through the ocean tides and is believed to also affect our emotions. 

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Full Moon Energy

The intention of the Full Moon is “Completion of the Cycle and Release of the Old Pattern”.  As we draw closer to the full moon we should be focusing on tying up our loose ends, finishing the things that we have started, and letting go of the things that no longer serve us. 

It is a good time to work on kicking bad habits to the curb, cleaning, cleansing, and detoxing our homes or our own energy fields (Aura), or breaking off relations with those who are causing you harm.

Below is a list of herbs and oils that are associated with the full moon.  Using these ingredients to create your pagan crafted loose incense, offering herbs, anointing oils, and ritual baths are ways to help align your energies with these intentions and to honor this part of the Esbat Cycle.


Are you ready to celebrate
and move forward in balance?

A beautiful pinkish, purple full moon rising. Let's celebrate!

Herbs and Oils for the Full Moon

Full Moon Herbs

Jasmine Flowers
Juniper Berry
Lemon Balm
Lotus Root
Milk Thistle
Orange Peel
Rose Buds
Star Anise
White Sage
Yarrow Flowers

Full Moon Essential Oils

Sweet Orange
Tea Tree
White Sage

How do I choose the right herbs and oils for me?

Your intentions and goals for your ritual will affect which full moon herbs and oils you choose.  There is no “right way”; there is only “your way”. Your path is your own.

My suggestion is to go with your gut.  Use your instinct and use the herbs and oils that call to you.  They may even be ones that are not on this list. 

Herbs and oils are tools to help you enter the correct mindset and to help you focus on your intention.  They must resonate with you on a deep level in order to help you achieve your goals. 

This list is simply a guide to help narrow down some of your choices.  It boils down to only you can know what is right for you (right now) and that may even change as your daily or monthly practice evolves.

Full Moon Herbs and Oils Association list

My hope is that I am able to simplify this choice and make it easier for you to come back into a place of balance and move forward with your rituals. I do offer full moon incense, full moon anointing oil, and full moon baths that are ready for use.  I also want you to be able to make these things on your own and to grow in your practice. 

Do you need help with creating your own Spiritual Baths? Check out Spiritual Baths for Cleansing and Sweetness to help you out with some ideas.

Many Blessings!

Share below how you choose the herbs and oils, or even ready to go spiritual items, for your daily practice.

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